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 Consulting Services

While open to discussing custom requirements necessitated by your project, our strength lies in providing the following services.

Technical Review

Consider having an objective, outside expert review your project before investing in a dead-end path. With our years of experience in technology selection and project management, we will help steer you accurately to avoid time and resource intensive missteps. We can uniquely help you decide on timing your tech purchases and investments. Our network of experts and insiders can also provide valuable tips to help influence your key decisions.

Architectural Design

A decade ago, most software was not designed (much less architected), but too often cobbled together. Today the field has significantly matured with standardized Software Development Life Cycle methodologies such as Agile or the CMMI model. Use-case driven, architecture-centric, iterative, and incremental are the new bywords. Providing a new standardized vocabulary of terms and procedures, designs incorporating Unified Modeling Language (UML) are clearer and more precise - hence less likely to face major oversights - and to more rapidly recover since change is a necessary and planned for part of the system.

We find that Agile Development is the best way to accomodate the vagaries inherent with software development.

Contract Programming

We are experienced coders and take great pride in finding innovative ways to implement a particular design goal. Our code is unusually robust and - by delivery - is surprisingly free of bugs. We aim to document the software well, assuming that maintenance programmers (often at a junior level), will be adding new features in the future and will need to understand the overall purpose of the module or assembly - as well as the particular routine. By adding in considerable debug code, it is generally simple and reasonably efficient to locate problems when the software is injected into new environments.

Contact us to discuss our current availability and for a quote on your particular needs.

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