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Do you find the Internet a bit slippery, ever-changing? Let us help through the technology jungle. Our fingers are on the pulse, using modern robust open source software enabling you to communicate efficiently – wherever your audience is, however they’re connected.

Community Resilience

Is your Community Ready? -
Preparedness is Key!
Community Resilience

Vashon Software architects and implements modern disaster preparedness solutions to streamline emergency manager's complex workload. Working with city, county & state Emergency Ooperation Centers (EOCs) plus grassroots volunteers, we produce NIMS and ICS compliant solutions using modern, free, open source software.

  • NIMS
  • ICS

Innovative Software

Full Stack Dev Engineering -
Designed to be better!
Innovative Software

Vashon Software offers a blend of architectural design, agile project management, and programming services. We have worked with Windows since its inception and have an extensive experience track record working with .NET Core, Typescript & Angular to produce back-end components as well as front-end applications.  We are focused on producing open source solutions for disatser preparedness and response.

  • Architecture
  • C#
  • .NET Core
  • Typescript
  • Angular
  • Full Stack Development

Creative Websites

Special web sites -
With Functionality!
Creative Websites

Vashon Software has nearly 20 years experience in creative web site development, graphic design, and digital asset management. Our web sites run on Windows Server, and run equally well on the cloud or on local machines, enabling operations even without an Internet connection. Using mainstream standards including CSS3, HTML5, Bootstrap5, our software can be enhanced by mainstream developers, while all routine operations can be performed by non-technical individuals. No longer are you beholden to 3rd party companies with proprietary software to maintain cutting edge sites.

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Bootstrap 5

Intelligent use of innovative technologies, attention to detail, robust & well-documented solutions, and exceptional communication skills makes us unique. Let's discuss your unique situation.