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Vashon Software has been participating in development of the Nationwide Health Information Network (NwHIN) for several years and been actively involved in a regional NwHIN (née NHIN) implementation in the South Puget Sound region. Having worked for decades with medical professionals and on health applications, we know the language of HL7, HITSP, IHE, terminology services, EMPI, EHRs, natural language processing, DURSA and HIPAA.

Acting as lead architect and developer for a regional VLER pilot, we've had broad experience in project management, partner communications, architecture, extending impractical initial use cases, conducting NwHIN briefings, handling legal and ONC-onboarding compliance, requirements specification, mapping of shared data domains and elements, validation/acceptance testing, and training.

We were responsible for architecting an innovative emergency department use case to provide HITSP C32 documents for ED patients upon arrival. This then led to production of C84 or C62 documents upon discharge. A future consult use case provides for an initial C32 with a final C84 consult note.

We've worked with the Federal Health Architecture's (FHS) Direct Project and NwHIN CONNECT code bases, so have practical knowledge of the latest innovations available to regional HIEs, RHIOs and enterprise healthcare institutions. These federally developed open-source implementations - along with the Alembic Foundation's Aurion Project implementation - set the current standard for inter-hospital system sharing of electronic medical records.

With so many ways to approach a complex problem the key is leveraging the right tools to provide a streamlined path to standards based, future looking healthcare solutions - without disrupting current operations. Contact us to gain our advise on the exciting, but ever evolving, NwHIN, HITSP, IHE and related standards to solve your real issues.
Hospitals run on Information
HITSP IS03 V4 Figure Customer Creates Accounts to Host Registration and Medication History
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