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  • VashonSoftware.com


    Vashon Software leverages the DotNetNuke Content Management System (CMS) and sprinkles on some fun designs utilizing CSS 3, JQuery, XHTML & XSLT to provide an XHTML standard compliant website. Visitors can instantly change the website theme that works best given the device they are using to access the site. Several page width layout and font sizes are likewise selectable according to each user's preferences.

  • Tompotika.org


    The Alliance for Tompotika Conservation - Aliansi Konservasi Tompotika (AlTo) website uses a clean design. Bilingual, the site encourages language learning by novices to computers, the web, or English. Novices can readily edit the CMS web site with just a browser and minutes of training.

  • South King County Organizations Active in Disasters

    SKCOAD.org - South King County Organizations Active in Disasters

    The skin has been fully tested on: IE7, IE8, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, and Chrome.

  • MadeInParadiseRocks.com


    This uses a static Dreamweaver provided template to roll out a proven but simple, expediant, inexpensive brochure web site.

  • VashonEOC.org


    Mutli-homed, secure websites are critical when preparing for a critical need during an earthquake, extended power outage or other frontier scenarios regularly confronted by Vashon pioneers. While 95% of this intranet is accessable only by those with the right roles, users have ready access to custom XML-based form entry, a user edited wiki and a sophisticated document repository. A mobile compliant design is under design.

New Material on web design
 We Build Creative, Functional Web Sites

Vashon Software has designed and implemented well over a dozen web sites over nearly 20 years. Today we strive to create standards based XHTML-compliant sites leveraging jQuery, XSLT, CSS3 and HTML5. All can be categorized as:

  1. Inexpensive, relatively static 'brochure' sites, or
  2. Full featured, Content Management System (CMS) based sites with sophisticated semi-automated functionality - that clients can readily modify - largely maintaining themselves

Unlike most web designers, we have a deep background in programming and providing server-side custom functionality. Want to store inventory or customer data to ease client's shopping? Hope to do something intellegent with the data you are exposing on your site? While lots can be done with off-the-shelf software modules, at some point it just becomes a business priority to minimize employees' time fiddling with an antiquated website and get one that is intuitive and fits the business model. We can uniquely provide that full range of services efficently.

Past sites have included 3 or n-tier architectures with heavy SQL Server database connectivity and ISAPI or ATL based COM objects on the server or Java based applets and JavaScript on the client. These days we prefer to use open-source Content Management System (CMS) such as DotNetNuke (or even Drupal) to provide incredible functionality right out of the box. This way only the custom modules need custom effort - and can often take advantage of other's open-source work.

We regularly use Dreamweaver, Visual Studio Team Suite, Team Foundation Server, Expression Studio, Eclipse, Adobe Master Suite (Flash, Photoshop, Premier, Illustrator), ProShow Producer, SharePoint and other tools to customize the site and provide tools that support the client's workflow.

Contact us to discuss how to create a site that meets your unique needs!

 Graphic Arts - Photography & Slide Shows
Got Digital Assets?

We have intimate knowledge of Lightroom, Photoshop, ProShow Producer, iMatch, Dreamwweaver, Expression, Audacity, Premier - and likely know a few things about related applications. More importantly we know when to use each when, how to manage a complex digital workflow and how to go from memory card to web site - whether SmugMug or Picasa to a more personalized site with custom Lightroom templates - or a personal herloom site or a slick professional slideshow/movie showcasing your creative works.
 Web Site Budgets

Use Google or Bing to find a host of alternatives, but the following sites provide a good overview of what to expect. We can generally beat the prices listed on there due to our experience, use of productivity tools, and low overhead.




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